Assisting koalas in need

Welcome to the online headquarters for the Ipswich Koala Protection Society (IKPS).

Based in southeast Queensland, IKPS is an incorporated group that provides a 24/7 ambulance service for more than 100 sick, injured or orphaned koalas each year.

IKPS helps to raise baby koalas orphaned by motor vehicles and domestic dog attacks.

IKPS plants trees that provide koalas food to replace those lost as a result of development.

IKPS provides information to the community and to local government on koalas, their needs and their future.

IKPS has no paid staff ... everyone is a volunteer. And you can help too!

Please browse the pages of this website or read our latest newsletter to learn more about IKPS's activities and what you can do.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Have you donated time or money to wildlife rescue in the past 12 months?